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Ban on wood stoves?

No doubt you will have all seen some misleading headlines in recent months about a possible ban on wood stoves.

We can identify the truth behind the headlines and what we can tell our customers who might have seen the headlines is that although there were reports that the worst wood burning stoves would be banned, this is not actually correct.

What Defra do say in their Clean Air Strategy is that they “will ensure that only the cleanest stoves are available for sale by 2022”.

What they mean by this is that the government will adopt and enforce the forthcoming Ecodesign requirements for wood burning stoves in 2022. This is not a ban, it is the Implementation of well signposted and known new tighter regulations

Defra has clarified they are not looking to ban stoves.

The publication of Defra’s final version of the Clean Air Strategy 2019 outlines ambitions relating to reducing air pollution in the round, making our air healthier to breathe, protecting nature and boosting the economy. In this strategy, they set a clear direction for future air quality policies and goals.

The Clean Air Strategy can be viewed in full by clicking here.

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