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Firewood quantities explained

Many people tell us they’ve bought firewood in the past by “the load” or by “the ton”. So we’re often asked to explain how a cubic metre of logs compares.

Doesn’t a “builder’s bag” full of logs hold a cubic metre of logs and weigh a ton?

No! These bags are usually designed to hold a ton of building material such as sand or gravel. Also called “dumpy bags” or “bulk bags”, the most common size can hold about 0.7 cubic metres of logs which, being less dense than sand or gravel, will weigh considerably less than a ton.

A cubic metre is not a builder's one tonne dumpy bag!

A one tonne dumpy bag does not hold one tonne of wood, more like 200kg (1/5th tonne) assuming the wood is well seasoned and ready to burn. If it is heavier than that, it is too wet.

Typical builders bag on the left compaired to a cubic metre bag on the right.

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