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Natural Firelighters

Natural firelighters are made of certificated wood wool and paraffin wax.

Firelighters are excellent when you want to light a fire in wood burning stoves, fire places, Barbecues & pizza ovens.

Only one piece of firelighters is required to light a fire in up to 10 mins.

This product has no impact on grilled food as it does not include any chemicals.

One pack of 24 firelighters £3.00

*Buy 4 packs for £10.00*

20kg smokeless coal £16.50

 *Buy 5 for £80.00*

Newburn is a cost-effective smokeless fuel which has been designed to give a

consistent burn quality. It can be used on roomheaters, multi-fuel stoves, open fires, boilers and cookers.


Extremely versatile and dependable, Newburn is easy to light, and provides a long lasting, controllable heat. It produces a low amount of CO2,

making Newburn one of the best selling smokeless coals.

newburn coal.png


Softwood log nets

£6.00 Each 


Nets of kindling

4 Nets of Kindling for £15.00   

All firewood prices are inclusive of VAT at 5%

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