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We believe that we provide seasoned firewood at a fair price.

Our aim is to provide a good service.


It is really great when customers take the time to give us some positive feedback.

We also encourage feedback in how you think we may be able to improve our service to you.


I come back to you every year because you are so reliable!


Every best wish for the continued success of your business,


Peter (R.P. Hoffman)


Hi Keith,

Thanks for bringing out those logs today, you can use the following in your testimonials if you like;


So I e-mailed Keith at 6.45 one night, to my surprise he answered me within 45 minutes, made the delivery arrangement with him,logs on the drive by early afternoon next day.

Where else can you get a service like that for logs & I wasn’t even a previous customer of his. Very pleased.

Kev Wyatt—Ashcott

Email from Mr & Mrs D North Curry

Dear Keith

Wow we've come home from work to a great suprise! Thank you so much for a fantastic service the wood shed looks fantastic.

Email from Mr MM, Bawdrip

"Just wanted to say we're really pleased with the logs. So much better than the ones we'd had before from local farm shops etc. Burning well and giving out good heat. Delivery was as promised and I'm sure we'll be back for more in the future."

Email from Mrs SB, North Curry

"Thank you for your help last winter. I would happily recommend your business to anyone requiring logs and coal."

Email from Mrs DH

"We are enjoying the logs, and they burn really well, thank you."

Mr E, Taunton, on the telephone.

"So glad to have found a good log merchant - will definitely be ordering from you again."

Email from Mr & Mrs W, Ilminster.

"Thank you for the delivery of logs ... We just wanted to say we've had a couple of fires now and think they are the best logs we have ever had. They burn really well and give a lot more heat than logs we've had from other suppliers, and your price was very reasonable too. So thanks again! "

Letter from Mr & Mrs G, Fivehead.

"Thanks for the logs - they burn brilliantly!"

Mrs C, Curry Rivel, on the telephone.

"I got some cheaper from another supplier ... but would like to order from you again please as I know they will be dry!"

John W

Hi, very pleased with the last hardwood logs. Can I order another cubic metre of hardwood for delivery soon please? Thanks,


Hi Keith,

I’d like to place another order with you for some logs (as last year’s were the best I have ever burnt) :-

J Rutter

Excellent service and Keith is a very friendly supplier.

I telephone to arrange delivery and they always arrive on time even accommodating my working hours.

Logs are perfect, they burn long and hot with little ash.

M Lidster-Griffiths


I just wanted to get in touch to let you know that I used the long bits of ash you delivered in a fire walk last weekend and it was brilliant.

Please can I buy the same again?


On the subject of the wood we are really impressed with the quality, it catches easily and burns really well, so just thought we would let you know how pleased we are!


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