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Log stores

Designed to protect your logs from rain, while

allowing sufficient ventilation for the wind to keep them dry and prevent mould.

A convenient and practical way to store your logs.

Fully assembled and sited for you.

Handmade using sawn treated timber 38mm x 88mm.

Slatted sides and floor.

Our standard Log Store measures 1200 mm (4 ft) high by 1800 mm (6 ft) wide by 685 mm (27 inches) deep.

Feather-edge roof with approx. 3 inch slope.

Holds just over a cubic metre of logs.

The cost including VAT and delivery within 25 miles of Taunton is £175.00

(Depending on where your Log Store is sited, you may need a back on it. This brings the total price to £199.00)

Log stores can be built to order

Please contact us for prices

Prices are inclusive of VAT at 20% for Log stores.

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